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After 160 days, it’s gonna be nice to see eachother again. If you chapan, se comen, you do it, do it with a contraceptive method. Inform yourself and enjoy

Every year the campaign for the prevention of unintentional pregnancy in adolescence is carried out, this year the situation was quite different due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine in the country.

A quarantine that at the launch of the campaign had 180 days, 6 months of separation between teenage couples. In this context, we thought that the reunion was going to be so great and that it would be good for them to start thinking about a contraceptive method for when they meet again.

Talk about sex, the same way they talk, go out to find the teenage who are having sex or are very close to have, make a simple proposal without persuading them with an advertising message, think about a contraceptive method when you meet again, choose one together, and enjoy it. That’s what the campaign we did is about.

Let's talk about sex

We made a video about the focus of the campaign, stories about the use of each contraceptive method that is available for free in hospitals and health centers in the country, a site with all the available information. We organized LIVES in networks between adolescents and sexologists with the title “Let’s talk about sex”. Conversations between people who know and people who don’t, with more than 600 participants online.

The graphics

An idea does not connect with its audience until its shape, its color, its texture are translated into a graphic system according to the concepts we communicate.
We explore the graphics of this project to connect with the public about the idea that we take as a guide: the meeting and the union, the union of colors, the intersection of shapes and diverse moving images.

Puedo Decidir – Unicef

The site

The methods

All these contraceptive methods are free for adolescents in health centers, public hospitals and prepaid Health Care Companies in the country.

Press coverage

We interacted with more than 6.8 million boys and girls in 19 provinces of the country, we obtained more than 20 interviews with Unicef ​​spokespersons and more than 90 journalistic articles about the campaign and the prevention week.

And Google did not approve the kissing video on YouTube, they considered that it was explicit content … : )