An idea doesn’t touch you. Its form, its texture, its colour touch you. We explore the form each project must take on to connect with people.

Maña is not always the same, it takes on the shape of the work it is producing.

People don’t expect brands to open their mouths, much less to speak about themselves or their virtues. We create ties that bind brands with audiences, telling stories that communicate, that awaken emotions and empathy.

We transform meeting places like festivals, forums, activations and physical spaces, into brand experiences you want to talk about.

An idea only comes to life once it is made. That´s why we focus on the making, and we mix with people who master tools different from ours. Through the process of making you learn, you understand what makes a product or idea, you experience and develop new perspectives, through making you know what you are capable of.

Every assignment begins with a problem. In most cases, it is larger, more complex or simply different from what was described. You have to question a brief to better understand what has to be done and what the brand needs.
If we know where we are and what we are looking for, it’s easier to understand which road to take.

A good starting point for a project is thinking we don’t know anything. Today, information is everywhere, all around us. We all have access to it. But we don’t all know how to read it, how to interpret it. The key is to know how to ask the right questions.



Matías Oks
Plan Maker

Matías studied Social Communication at UBA and screenwriting at Universidad del Cine. He has written scripts for short films and feature films such as Wild Life, Invierno mala vida and Naranjo Vera. He’s received the Hubert Bals Award of the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Fond Sud de Cinema, and one of the movies he wrote was premiered at Berlin Film Festival. Meanwhile he has worked in several advertising agencies as copywriter and Creative Director, leading multidisciplinary teams. He’s been a teacher at the Advertising Agencies Association School. He founded El Jardín Agency, working for brands such as Unilever, Adidas, Renault, Sony, Smirnoff and in 2014 he started Maña Industries.

Flavio Affonso
Story Maker

Flavio studied Journalism at USAL. He worked in writing, editorial direction and creative strategies for various organizations as a freelancer, and for advertising agencies as a copywriter and creative director. In 2002 he founded the agency El Jardin, working as manager CD mainly for Mexico for 10 years with brands such as Unilever, Jose Cuervo, Unicef, Johnson & Johnson and Mini, among others. He then started Fibra Casa Editora publishing house, creating collections of photography, story and illustration books & zines, and interviews for publications. He participated in international publishing fairs such as Libros Mutantes, ArteBA, and Miss Read, as well as selected exhibitor in Korea, Japan and Mexico. He founded Maña Industries in 2014.



Guillermo Muñoz
Art Maker

Guillermo studied graphic design at UBA and at UP.  He worked as a designer in several design studios, where he worked as an illustrator, designer and Art Director. Founded Mutto, a studio dedicated to Brand Identity and illustratio, working for brands in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, UK, Chile. He then founded Can, an art direction and artistic production studio, participating in various exhibitions and joined Maña Industries in 2019 as Head of Art.

Fabián Zayat
Production Maker

Fabián worked in Marketing and Market Research, was Executive Producer at Aeroplano Cine, Wasabi Films and co founded Gloria Films in 2009. He worked with directors such as Damián Szifron, Diego Kaplan, Ariel Winograd, Sebastián Boresztein, Martín Piñeiro, Federico Gianotti. He led productions for Mexico, Spain, USA. He won 13 Lions in Cannes, and among them, the Titanium Lion for Safety Truck for Samsung.  In 2019 he started Fresca Films, an audiovisual content production company associated with Maña Industries that has a roster of directors, animators, photographers and filmmakers from all over the world.

Alejandro Azpiazu
Creative Business Developer

Alejandro has 25 years of experience in brand development, communication strategies, global business and sales and marketing management. His professional experience ranges from business consulting at Arthur Anderson to Sales & Marketing management for Reef in Latin America. He has developed large-scale regional events as well as a series of surf movies. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the UBA and then did a postgraduate degree in Marketing at the University of San Andres. He’s the father of 3 daughters and really enjoys exploring nature while spiritually staying in tune with oneself. He’s a sports lover with a deep rooted connection in surfing. Alejandro joined Maña Industries in 2020 to expand the team capabilities in diverse regions.

Makers Community

We are a community of people that feels they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Fede Lamas Visual Artist
Bernardo Henning Illustrator
Félix Busso Photographer
Martina Alvarez Brand identity
Jorge Gaggero Film Director
Babún Stylist
Nahuel Jacome Animation

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