Félix Busso

Félix Busso’s photographic journey is crossed by a documentary style that differentiates him.

From that place, he carries out, with commitment and freedom, fashion photography, commercial photography, portraits, lifestyle and also generates actions that dialogue with art.

Their works were published by Harper’s Bazaar, Travel + Leisure (USA and AUS), Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Gatopardo (MEX), Travesías (MEX), Courier magazine (UK) and CNN, among other media.

He photographed and was a photography editor for different editorial projects, among which the book Pan et Plus (Editorial Planeta) stands out.

He was selected to be part of the Artists Program of the Torcuato Di Tella University in 2015. He participated in crits with Alberto Goldenstein, Ernesto Ballesteros, Eduardo Navarro, Julieta Escardó and Ignacio Iasparra. He was part of collectives and collaborated with other artists.

He is inspired by the human and professional excellence that he witnessed in Japan and thinks of his photographic work as a way for personal development.

When he is not photographing, he dedicates his time to cooking, spiritual training and traveling. Many times this is by bicycle.