Campos Borquez

Campos Borquez

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  • 2020
  • Alma Partners
  • Maña Ind.
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  • Maña Ind.
  • Félix Busso
  • Babún
  • Betania Raiz and Pía Fendrik

Campos Borquez is a family owned, premium supplier of organic superfoods, delivered from their farms in Mexico direct to the stores in the US. They contacted us to help them rethink their social media to reflect the values, care and love they put into their products. We explored different conceptual and artistic routes, created and produced the content, working with a select band of makers to bring their meaningful produce to social networks.


Ingredients Beauty

We worked with Felix & Babun, a magical photographer and art director duo, to find new ways of displaying the products they grow at Campos Borquez, creating fruit and vegetable mandalas, stills lives and exploring other artistic representations.


We thought about and shared facts and stories nobody knows about Celery, Avocados, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauiliflower and Grapes and matched them with these cute illustrations by Bernardo Henning.



We teamed up with Betania Raiz, a photographer, and Pia Fendrik, a food stylist, to try out and taste delicious recipes using Campos Borquez products. We worked with videos, step by step recipes, and had some fun making gifs, playing with the different ingredients to form a dish.

Healthy Benefits

We researched, ilustrated, wrote, designed and learned about the benefits of healthy eating, doing our best to turn vitamins, calories, fibers, nutrients and proteins into something beautiful.