The world is a dangerous place for your things. Take care of them.

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  • Illustrator
  • Animation Director
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  • Sound & Music
  • Storyboard
  • C D & Production
  • The world is a dangerous place
  • 2019
  • Mercantil andina
  • Andrea Devia
  • Nahuel Jacome
  • Camila Ruiz - Pablo Kondratas - Nahuel Jacome
  • Martín Formento
  • Sebastián Cantero
  • Maña Ind.

Oh what a dangerous place we are living in... For God's sake, be careful out there!

The world is a dangerous place, not just due to the greenhouse effect and accelerated climate change; it is dangerous because we are witnesses to the multiple accidents we cause as human beings.

When we say the world is a dangerous place for your things, we are saying it figuratively. The world is not dangerous, but there are people who handle things carelessly, and things… break.

Therefore, before all else, before an ad campaign for an insurance company, we considered it more as a series of short animations about the fragility of things. Taking lightly those things that are inevitable. Things break, hail ruins crops, we knock over that glass of juice on the computer keyboard without realizing it. And we can take on these problems with humor because we have a company that helps us cover them.