New Balance

New Balance

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  • Art Direction
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  • New Balance
  • 2020
  • Cooma
  • Maña Ind.
  • Guille Muñoz

New Balance is a family company still run by its founders Jim and Anna Davis and it has a curious history with Argentina. In the 1990s, the local business reached 40% of the company’s sales outside the United States. Only a few years later, the brand had to leave the country due to the pre-2001 crisis and Jim personally wanted the brand to return here.

First it did it through a subsidiary, and as things were going well, the brand partnered to open the first official Flagship store.

We made different proposals for the launching as setting, graphics, illustrations and animations for the screens. Of all the ones we did, and they were not few, this series is the one we like the most.

Skater flaneur

Retrieve that amateur spirit of skating through the city, of wander and enjoying the moment. And to return when the city is already asleep.