Davidovsky. A day in Médanos.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Director
  • Camera
  • Sound
  • Editor
  • Sound editor
  • Sound mix
  • Translation to english
  • Music
  • Idea and Production
  • Davidovsky
  • 2016
  • Teatro Colón
  • David Maruchniak
  • Guillermo Ueno
  • Guillermo Ueno, Fernando Mariani
  • Rufino Basavilbaso, Federico Dopazo
  • Guillermo Ueno
  • Rufino Basavilbaso
  • Estanislao López
  • Pablo Harguindey
  • Mario Davidovsky
  • Maña Ind.

In the middle of a job for the Colon Theatre Experimental Center (CETC), Miguel Galperin, its director, told us in passing that in the coming week they would be paying homage to Mario Davidovsky for his 80th birthday. Two concerts and an open lecture to the public had been scheduled. He was coming from the United States with his son and was going to take advantage of the time to visit the town where he was born.

Mario is a great composer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and widely known for his seminal contributions in the field of electroacoustics.

He had not returned to his birthplace since he was 10 years old, he told us.

We realized it was an occasion we could not pass up. Somehow, we had to record that trip.

We mentioned it to Miguel, and he was enthusiastic about the idea. We called Guillermo Ueno and formed a small team, without knowing at first if Mario Davidovsky was going to agree with our company.

A week later, there we were, in Médanos, witnessing a trip of a few hours that entailed short stories, reunions, sounds, memories. A trip we’re not going to forget.