The power to run a Dakar

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Social media serie and the first YPF documentary on TV.

The starting project is a series of web capsules that tell what it’s like to be on top of a truck in 50º heat, driving through the dunes and all you ever wanted to know about a rally in the desert, through 11 chapters.


Doesn’t start on the day the race begins It begins much earlier. So we went to the Morocco Rally, the race that many teams consider training for Dakar, where the machines are fine-tuned, where the team’s operation is proven and we created a series of 11 episodes to show what Dakar is about and to make people a part of the pilot and crew of the YPF Infinia Diesel Team.

The capsules were greatly received: 5 million copies and 100,000 times shared, creating a growing audience over the 3 months prior to the race, and making way for a new project with the company, coverage of Dakar, on a voyage of more than 9,000 km through the most incredible landscapes in South America.


Due to the great results of the web series, we were invited to record the team’s participation in Dakar. And from the start we knew it would be a great story to tell. We thought of it as a two-part documentary, the preparation and the race, and we were able to get YPF, the largest company in Argentina, to do its first television film. The first part, Cuenta Regresiva (Countdown), tells of the demanding preparation of the YPF team in Argentina and in Morocco to achieve its best form in Dakar.

And the second part narrates the 14 days on the road inside and outside of the truck through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, the solitary grief of the Kamaz, the most powerful team in the world, and the second-to-second fight up to the last day of the competition.

You can watch Countdown and the second chapter Fighters