Video Staging by Fede Lamas

His video-installations and live VJ sets, in collaboration with other artists (musicians, bands dancers) gave him as a result a connection with the theater world. He design video for different shows on stage and in that universe the ballet, opera and theater-plays are a big part of it.

Besides the video production/filming needed itself, the planning for the screen/s set up and how the whole device will work as a component of the stage. Some times is background video with different transformations, synchronizations with the players or even with the audience reactions.

Some of the shows requires work together with the directors on the script to get better results, and of course a close relation with the art and lighting decisions, others some preproduction for the video part, to shoot and post-produce new video pieces or even animation.

Some of the projects worth mention: The Raven (opera regié and video design at CETC) , El Hombre que perdió su sombra (video design and production,Teatro Nacional Cervantes), El Porvenir (video design and production, Ballet del Teatro General San Martin), Bajo el signo de Saturno (video animations for Ballet del Teatro General San Martin) and apart from The Raven reposition on 2020, he will do the video design and production for the opera-ballet Carmen at Colón Theater in Buenos Aires.