Hellish Vision by Fede Lamas

Fede Lamas

Hellish Vision

Visión Infernal / Hellish Vision project
 “Hellish Vision” is an illustration and optical fx project. A Hellish Viewer, a red lens, let you reveal hidden scenes and characters from my pencil, murals, and video illustrations. 
 Its for me a “technology”’cause its a conceptual-technique: is the power to reveal moral and ethical issues and also is the pencils wih red viewer as inseparable parts of my project.
 The expands his nature not only in illustrations, also in silkscreens, prints, publications, books, mural painting, installation, animation, live vj sets and many collaborations.

Some of his publications are sold out, and they were distributed all around the world. His first book “Vete al Diablo” has 6 re-prints, and together with his second hellish book “Visión Infernak” were published in Argentina for international distribution and also in Brazil by A Bolha editora. This 2 publications had many exhibitions and launchings at México, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Berlín, Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Recife, Salvador de Bahía, among others.

On one of the first launchings of the project at ArteBA 2010, he receives the Premio en Obra recognition as young artist of Barrio Joven.

His last hellish vision project-exhibition “ Tell Me Something Valuable” include a mural full of advertising prints, silkscreens, a set of muti-screen video installation with animations and a publication by Gran Salón México.
This exhibition tour around during the end of 2018 and 2019: LUSTR festival (Praga), Gran Salón (México), DRAWING ROOM fair (Lisboa), RV gallery (Salvador de Bahía, Brasil), La Bande Video (Québec City), and CASA PLANA (São Paulo).

Also the Hellish Vision project has developed installations, murals, prints or designs in collaborations with other brands or institutions, some highlights are Bonde do Role (Brazil) album art for MAD DECENT records (Los Angeles, US), mural paintings for I-SAT (Turner Argentina), brand design and wine labels for Traslapiedra (Paraje Altamira, Mendoza), VEJA magazine (São Paulo, Brazil), Exhibition for BADA and ArteEspacio art fairs commissioned by Sinteplast Argentina, Live silckscreen printing for ADIDAS Argentina, and Perrosky album artwork (Algo Records, Santiago de Chile).