Eunkyoung Son

Interview - Flavio Affonso

A harder me

It’s hard to reach the working process of an artist living as far as Korea Republic, so I see this few questions as a quick and little encounter in the corner of the street, as a way to start an approach in distance.
I find your work so remarkable, incredibly beautiful and inspiring, because you take a mundane scene and transform it into a beautiful place.
I would like to know your art background, have you studied?

I majored in fine art in university in Republic of Korea.

Please tell me about your work process and where do you find inspiration. What is your work field?

I’m an artist. These days I’m inspired by things and people around me and mainly drawing them. When an image that I want to draw comes to my mind, or when I find a beautiful scenery at any moment during my daily life, I remember it, (or take it as a picture) and draw it. And I’m a freelance illustrator who also works outsourced.

Transforming ordinary scenes through sensations with pencils on a white paper it’s hard to find, maybe this capacity I found on her work is one of the reasons that made me contact her to know a bit more of her world.
It seems you have made a transition from expressive drawing to hiperrealistic, it’s right?

Rather than transition, I want to try various style, so I’m doing them differently these days. I’m constantly trying to make trivial changes to my works.

Would you please tell me a common day in your life?

I work for about 9 hours on weekdays, just like office workers (based on Korea). If there is outsourcing work, work on it first. I try to have a break on weekends if possible. I think work-life balance is important.

Do you always use a picture or a direct look of the object/person you draw?

Not necessarily. Recently, however, there have been many drawings of glass, which requires a lot of observation, so I observe it and understand its physical properties and spectrum of light before drawing it.

Was it hard to find your own way of drawing and your themes?

Not really. I always draw what I like.

What advice can you say to a young illustrator is looking for her/his own style of drawing?

In my case, it was helpful to draw as many things as I can. and I think it is also an important process to observe many objects and people around them. even if those are very ordinary. It will help to develop a new perspective later. The last thing I want to say is, rather than comparing it to others’ talents, be fond of the results they’ve drawn.

How was your work in Call me by your name film?

When Call Me By Your Name was released in Korea, Sony Pictures Korea commissioned me to do a promotional illustration poster. I did six illustrations for them, and it was made in the form of posters, postcards and leaflets and distributed to the audience.

What would be your dream job and how do you see yourself in 10 years?

Umm.. My dream job is to maintain a stable life while maintaining the work I love.

I hope I’ll still be an artist and I hope I have more confidence and faith in myself than I am now. I look forward to a harder me.

Eunkyoung Son was born and raised in Republic of  Korea, she is an illustrator who still works based in Seoul, Korea. She is the one who notices the beautiful things surrounding her and leave them into her art works.
Instagram: @thanksforbeingu