12 millones

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  • Art Direction
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  • 12 millones
  • 2015
  • Unicef Argentina
  • Maña Ind.
  • Diego Mazzeo y Rodrigo Pais
  • Johanna Willhem y Loreley Flores
  • Gisela Filc y Ramiro González
  • Fede Lamas
  • Nico
  • Andrés Polonsky

In a presidential election year in Argentina, UNICEF called us to include the plight of teenagers in the agenda of candidates, the media and public opinion.

We explored different routes until we found out there are 12 million boys and girls under 18. A powerful figure, capable of turning any candidate into president in the first round, but without real power. As adolescents do not vote, their interests are not considered in polls or in campaign discourses.

Considering this paradox, we ran a communications campaign to make people aware of the kids’ situation and to ask the candidates to commit to their rights, and a press campaign to ask journalists to lend us their voice.

At 12millones.org you will learn about the 12 most urgent problems of adolescents in the country and send a message on social networks to the 6 presidential candidates.

Web site. Ask the candidates to commit to their rights, send a message on social networks.


We reach more than 16 million people, and have convinced all the candidates to express their commitment to the kids’ situation, we have been able to include childhood problems in the first debate for the country’s historical second-round of voting, and we added the issues on the media’s agenda with press coverage equivalent to more than 1.1 million dollars.

Once we achieved all the candidates commitment, we asked them Now tell me how are you going to work for them.